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Touchstones of Success

Touchstones of Success: Overcome Adversity

by J.D. 17 April 2010

A man must always live with the man that he makes of himself, for all his actions keep him company. Therefore one should so live that he may be as good company for himself as possible. Every man is known to himself by the company that he keeps himself.

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Touchstones of Success: Find Out What You Can Do Best

by J.D. 10 April 2010

My young friend, try to find what you can do best, and then do it all the time.

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Touchstones of Success: How to Succeed

by J.D. 3 April 2010

In 1920, the Vir Publishing Company printed Touchstones of Success, a book of inspiration for young men (this was 1920, remember) in which 160 “present-day men of achievement” shared their secrets. Today’s “touchstone of success” comes from E.C. Simmons, a merchant and manufacturer from St. Louis. The way to success in life is as plain […]

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Touchstones of Success: Preface

by J.D. 27 March 2010

They have uncovered this hidden treasure of their lives. They have made the philosopher’s secret known, and our young readers may walk on their beaten paths up the hill, laboriously, perhaps, but confident that the best things are worth going after.

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